Finishing Services

Hot Foiling

Hot Foil stamping is a specialty process that uses heat, pressure and a metal plate (form), this process can be used for a large range of different jobs from Business Cards, Invites to even Packaging, it can be used for small or large run job types. It will enhance any project and will give you a luxurious look and feel to your design. Foil can come in many different colours, finishes, and effects, Gold, Silver and Copper are popular options. Foiling can be a very labour intensive process and takes time, so please allow extra time for this process.

Hot Foiling 2


Letterpress is a traditional printing technique.


Binding Documents

Not only can Smada Design print your high quality documents but we can also bind them for a professional finish. We have multiple binding styles on hand with a large range of different colours, we can provide Clear, Frosted or Poly Covers with a standard black or colour card back covers which will make your books look and feel great. Prices will vary for different binding styles and document thickness so please contact us directly for a affordable binding quote.

Binding 2

Laminating & Celloglazing

We offer laminating services in single and double sided with your choice of gloss or matte finish. Laminating is a great way to help protect your important papers and documents, display signage and graphics and preserve your precious photos. We offer celloglazing for laminating digital colour prints from A6 to A3 sizes. Pocket laminating is another great option to keep those precious awards or certificates clean and safe.

laminating services


Document Folding

At Smada Design we offer a variety of folding options which are ideal for flyers and brochures, maps, multi-page letters and presentation documents. Our paper folder can handle any small or large quantity job wether it be on laser, gloss or silk stock. Here are some of our most popular folding styles we can provide.

               Half Fold                        Roll Fold                            Z Fold                                Gate Fold

Trimming & Guillotining

We have in-house a large paper guillotine which is ideal for those large quantity jobs. Our Guillotine has the capability of cutting through large stacks of paper wether is maybe be laser stock or thick card. We also have a large format paper trimmer which is used for trimming and cutting down large size posters but can also be used for small and more precise jobs. There is no limit on quantities so please contact us directly if you require any trimming or guillotining on your jobs.



Creasing & Perforating

Our TurboCreaser is the fastest rotary creasing and perforating machine on the market it can produce simultaneous multiple creases, micro-perf and cutting without affecting speed. It can produce 18,000 A4’s and hour, this machine helps us enormously with time constraints and allows us to dispatch jobs much quicker for a fastest arrival to our customers. The TurboCreaser helps us perforate documents like tear-away sections for catalogues, flyers, newsletters and even gift vouchers and raffle tickets. We can produce flat, nearly invisible micro-perforations which allows sheets to run through any laser printer or copier with ease. The creaser component eliminates fibre cracking in digital printed materials and can crease stock from 85gsm up to 400gsm.

Creasing                                                                          Perforating

Creasing   Perforating