Vinyl Record Sleeves

Short Run Printed Vinyl Sleeves

Our Vinyl Sleeves can either be supplied on flat sheets un-cut for a cheaper cost effective option or we can provide the Sleeves cut and creased to make things easier for you. Also for a small extra charge we can even construct each Vinyl Sleeve by hand to save you time for those tight deadlines. We use 350gsm Artboard so our sleeves are strong and are not too flimsy. We can print any quantity from a min of 30 sleeves up to 250 Sleeves.



Short Run Printed Vinyl Book Covers

Our Covers are a great option for those on a tight budget or need something to simple make your Vinyl stand out from the others, we offer a Book Cover Style cover that is simply acts as a jacket for your Vinyl these can be purchased in quantities from 5-30 in 7, 10, & 12 inch.


Cover Artwork

If you require Cover Artwork we can arrange a sit down with our Graphic Designer to discuss your requirements. Artwork is charged at an hourly rate. Please call or contact us directly for a Printing or Artwork Quote.

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